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Is candidate prepping part of your action plan?

I was browsing through my Facebook feed, and I scrolled by one of the many recruiter pages I follow, and I saw this article. It was a two-year-old article that someone in the recruitment industry posted just last week. The author is amazed that the recruiter is doing their job and the comments below the article also lean towards prepping your candidate as a revolutionary idea.

I agree that this Google recruiter created a very well thought out prep plan to his candidate. Every recruiter or sourcer that is interacting with a candidate should have an action plan for every req they work. Candidate preparation should always be part of that plan. This plan should involve the hiring managers.

When you are speaking with the hiring manager, you should always add to your action plan the information the hiring manager wants the candidate to know before they engage. Also, explain to the hiring manager your preparation plan. If the hiring manager knows how the candidate is being prepped for the interview, he is better prepared to speak with the candidate, and he can see how prepared they are and how they processed the information

Make sure your preparation is not just an email you send. If you feel a candidate is someone you want to present to your hiring manager, make sure you critique and refine any potential red flags that are not crucial to performance but may need a simple overview of interview etiquette.

Candidate preparation is fundamental recruiting 101. If it is not part of your plan and your teams plan, you are doing a disservice to your team, your company and the candidate.

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