• Bob

Can people contact you on LinkedIn?

As I search LinkedIn for candidates, I find some potential candidates (who do say they are open for job opportunity) do not have an easy way to contact them. Of course I can use in-mail to contact a candidate but that cost money and I may put that candidate on a call list, if they are not a perfect fit on paper. A call list means I have to track down a way to contact them. This takes time and if we find what we are looking for in the initial search, this list may be set aside.

The potential candidate may also be in a LinkedIn group that I am in. So I can take a few more steps and leave them a message. Both take more time and I am going to always go for the candidates that are the best fit on paper first and then the potential that I can easily network with second. I have two easy tips for you if you truly want to be open for potential opportunity's or networking on LinkedIn. Have your email address in the "Summery" section of your profile. If you are worried about spam, you need to get a new IT guy or switch to Google. If that scares you to your core, join groups. LinkedIn groups are a great way to connect with the people who do what you do. It is a business networking site. I also suggest putting a little detail and thought into your profile. LinkedIn is the place the business world goes to find you first. What are you saying when they find you? Can someone who does not have a paid account, contact you?

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