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Snow Ticket


[Location] – HBO Max – Technical Interview Request – [Job Title] – [Brassring #]


Assessment Tool (Coder Pad, etc)(If Needed): 



HM/Decision Maker: 



Screener Name:   

  • [Hiring Manager but confirm with the recruiting partner if there is a default first round interviewer]


Interview Length: 60 minutes 


Interview team availability (preferences): 

Use Outlook Scheduling Assistant 


Candidate Name & email (s): 

  • Name:

  • Email: 


Candidate availability: (Eastern Standard Time) 

  • Monday:

  • Tuesday:

  • Wednesday:

  • Thursday:


Candidate phone number (video interviews only): 



  • Is an NDA Required? Yes

  • Is this for an HBO Max position? Yes

  • If this is for an HBO Max position, is the position on Legacy Turner or Legacy HBO payroll?: HBO


Please provide the mailing address of the candidate as this is a required field in the NDA:

  • Address:



Please copy me and [Recruiter] on all correspondence.

First Round Candidate Availability


Hi (Name), 


I just received feedback from the team, and they are very interested in your profile, and want to move forward with a first-round interview! Congratulations! 


This will be an hour-long exploratory call & basic skills assessment/alinement with one of our Senior Engineers. 


In order to get your interview set up and confirmed I will need the following: 


  • Availability for an hour interview (Provide Time Ranges & Time Zones): 

    • Monday:

    • Tuesday: 

    • Wednesday:

    • Thursday:

  • Full Mailing Address:

    • We use proprietary technologies and will need to attach your mailing address to the NDA.


Once I receive your availability I will get your interview confirmed with our TAOps team. You’ll receive an email confirmation with a calendar invite from our TAOps team with all the details within the invite.

Please note that it could take 48-72 hours to confirm your interview due to an increase of newly opened positions for HBO Max. If you do not receive an interview confirmation within 48 hours after submitting your availability, please reach out to me so we can prioritize your interview confirmation. 


Thank you very much for your understanding! 



Resume: Attached




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