Welcome and thank you for visiting my Digital Space. My name is Bob Collins and I find important people for a living. Currently, that means executive to senior-level Product Managers, Product Designers, Product Data Designers, Product Data Managers, Data Science analysts, & Data Engineers. Some call me a Sourcer and others call me a Headhunter. I currently work with my Product & Growth Engineering VP's as they grow their data growth team for CNN+. Please find my latest finds regarding, Talent Sourcing, Diversity Sourcing, Product & Data news, and my current openings. I hope you enjoy my blog post. If you would like to learn more about my work as a Talent Diversity expert, Sourcer or Headhunter, please visit http://www.thebobcollins.com/. Or feel free to email me at bob@sourcingbeast.com and we can set up a time for an informational interview!

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